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17th January 2009, 10:35 PM
Hello all

I recently purchased Racecensus (and very pleased with it) and am contemplating exporting data to Excel to allow me to produce and test ratings that pre-date my own ratings which go back only as far as 2006.

One problem I reckon I'll face is in the use of the MAX function in Excel which I use to create ratings for specific elements of form. I've attached a very simple example to try and explain things better.

The problem I envisage is that the MAX function is applied to the runners in a specific race only and because each race in the database will have varying numbers of runners, I will need to manually change my MAX formula to accommodate the number of runners (ie: rows) every time I come to a new race in the spreadsheet. A total nightmare I reckon...

If I've explained this OK I was wondering if anyone out there has a solution that would allow the formula to be copied down an entire column in the spreadsheet without the need to manually change it every time there's a change in race?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - including "don't bother"!!!!

Thanks all


21st January 2009, 09:43 PM
This issue has now been resolved. If anyone has similar issues I managed to get the answer via a post on excelforum.com - if you look for my post (sparky 12) the formula needed is there.