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13th February 2009, 11:54 PM
Hi All

I am haveing problems with one of my excel sheets, i wrote a new excel sheet for ratings i am using, i have always imported my data the same way using.

When i wish to rate a new race and i have copied the infor to a text document i update the query and it adds the new data over the old no problems.

I wanted to update and test some older ratings i had but when i do the web query it seams not to replace the old data correctly and moves my references around.

This is kinds hard to explaim with out showing you but i will put up 2 sheets the first would be the correct format the second is what happens after i update the query.

If you look at the sheet you will see that all the information needed is taken from the "Field" and "Form" form sections.

The field is a manual copy and paste so no problems there but the form is the inported data, and as you can see in the second copy it has moved the references for some unknown reason.

I have another sheet i use that does not suffer from this problem so help in working this out would be great.

15th February 2009, 02:33 PM
strange Shaun, has shifted the affected references by 55 rows - B269 to B313 - which is the equivalent of 5 form entries - but why, i have no idea