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Luckyboy 20th April 2004 02:43 PM

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone out there has kept a copy of the Sportsman Zipform system designed by PPD.

You may recollect it was re-printed in a recent edition of Sportsman. It seems I have misplaced my particular copy of the Sportsman that contained it.

Hope someone can help...


Freak 20th April 2004 07:36 PM

I have most copies of Sportsman for this year. Give me a few clues on the date of issue and the system.

Luckyboy 21st April 2004 09:57 AM


Thanks for the offer to help.

I believe it was about six months ago and it was an article re-printed from (Practical Punting Monthly). I remember it being well promoted on the front page of the paper and it went over a few pages.

Sorry, but that's all I can help with.


noel 21st April 2004 03:56 PM

i remember me and a couple of mates at the races followed it one saturday about a month ago......it picked 6 out of 6 winners that day...it went something like this-:
1. must be zipform top pick
2. must be pre post fav in paper
3. must be senior jockey
4. must have won at distance
5. must have placed at track
6. must be in top 3 ave prizemoney
7. some rule about distance of the race
8. i think some rule about price of pre post fav

my mate told me about it as it was published in that saturday's sportsman....the paper said it was enjoying a good run and we followed it....as i said it picked 6 out of 6

it was the saturday niello won the rosehill guineas


Luckyboy 22nd April 2004 01:04 PM


Thanks for the system, but it is not the one. The one I was looking for allowed you to frame a market (price) through the Zipform ratings.

It was quite an extensive method.

By the way, the system you highlighted is one worth looking at for major carnival days only and staking in an 'all up' manner.


monkeyinjapan 22nd April 2004 04:54 PM

Just on the subject of The Sportsman, I see they've released an online version of both midweek and weekend editions.

http://www.thesportsman.com.au (last menu option on the left)

exandx 22nd April 2004 09:35 PM

G'day Luckyboy

Try this for the sportsman system.
Was called El Greco
Do a search using El Greco in subject and body/

Cheers exandx

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Luckyboy 23rd April 2004 04:09 PM


You are a gem! Thanks for the assistance.


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Chuck 24th April 2004 09:44 AM

I use a very simple system that uses the "Sportsman Zip form". It also involves the racing publication "The Wizard".
You just take the 5 or so horses that the wizard has put an asterix against in their prices - and then compare them with the sportsman's top three zip ratings.(A horse becomes a selection if it is both in the wizard's top 5 and the sportsman's top 3) You usually get 2 or 3 horses. A selection is a 'Special' if it is the lowest priced on the wizard prices, and also the sportsman's top zip rater.
Hope this comes to use

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