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Wink Hopefully this will help.

OK.....Here is an updated copy of my simple spreadsheet that grabs each race from the Tatts'com xml feed. It uses those XML Maps I was talking about.

Note: If you are using Windows 7, it may not allow you to save a file to the C:\Drive. Just go into the VBA macro 'LoadMeetings' and change the reference for xmldoc.Save to the correct drive (i.e. xmldoc.Save("D:\RaceDay.xml").

Then go into the Schedule worksheet and right click on the XML Map and change the source to where RaceDay.xml is now being saved

Test Run
Seems to work fine on Excel 2010. I like the way it now includes Greyhounds and Trots by default. If you want only certain tracks or race Types, just go to the Schedule worksheet & use 'Clear Contents' to remove the unwanted races. Do NOT use Delete Rows as it will screw up the references in the Review worksheet.

Have a play with and let me know if you find any issues and I will do my best to rectify them. I have already set it up for 24/12/2012, but try changing the date and observe what happens to the race list. It is pretty fast now too. :-)
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