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Originally Posted by Snert
1) It's about putting the odds in your favour. A simple statement in a similar vein to "back the overs".....the trick is to know why the odds are in your favour. It's all about risk versus reward.
2) The market is an extremely reliable indicator. Enough said.
3) There are edges everywhere. The one thing that made me uncomfortable about my systems was why any programming expert wasn't getting stuck in and taking advantage. You answered this!
4) It really is a mental activity, you continually have to try and prove yourself wrong.

1) absolutely agree
2) absolutely agree
3) absolutely agree
4) absolutely agree.

Glad the posts have helped.

Just tried to find the winner in Kempsey R7 but I just can't seem to narrow anything down. Looked at the race for about 10 mins and even the horses at $81 have a conceivable chance and I can't see a way to make a safe profit. When in doubt stay out of the race At least I won't lose anything today.
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