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Puntz, I also looked at the video on that page, being a gearhead, it's the wrong way to determine the gear ratios. He has aftermarket wheels and low profile tyres, and even if he had a standard setup, it's still prone to error. The simple way is to remove the diff housing cover and look at the diff gears, it's stamped on the gear.
One guy on youtube changed his transmission to a manual in a Mercedes and couldn't work out why it was sluggish in first and second gear. He just needed to change the diff to a higher ratio, as autos always have lower ratios than manuals. Gives you more power on the bottom end on take off but doing 100kph your revs will be high.

The horse weight ratio is simply topweight minus the next weight.
Ratio is probably the wrong term, but that's what I called it.
So if topweight is 57.5 and next weight by tab number is 56, the result is 1.5kg.
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