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Here is an almost finished project exe, it is missing a few things like race start time and results and maybe some instructions.

Just run it, select "Today" or "Tomorrow" highlight the "M-Code" for the meeting you want then put in a race number and press "Get Race"

It gives you some info in regards to ratings used on tab site, i also noted they show the same fixed prices for all the sites.

This is the first program i have written in like 30 years and the first in python, it may be a simple program to some but i am pretty pleased with my efforts as it gave me a better understanding of python i guess, the source code is not pretty and am sure it could be tidied up as there are a few errors.

the program is in my One Drive folder in my signature called "Tab_Prices" there is also a text doc with the python code in there.
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"If you need them , you will soon find out."
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