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Old 8th October 2020, 11:43 AM
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Default Python help using tkinter

This is my first attempt at a python app and can't find the answers i need so thought i would post here for some help.

This app will be a replacement for my Unitab prices excel sheet, so far i can import the venues and a bit of info for the day, i have tried a few different methods and the closes i can get is it prints the first venue info and stops, yet if you run this in your ide it prints all the info as i would like it.

The print statement doesn't need to be there.

from tkinter import * from tkcalendar import Calendar,DateEntry import json import requests app = Tk() app.title("Todays Races") app.geometry("1000x500") app.resizable(width=False, height=False) date_label = Label(app, text="Input Date", font=("bold", 14), pady=20) date_label.pack() cal = DateEntry(app,width=30,bg="darkblue",fg="white",date_pattern='yyyy-mm-dd',year=2020) cal.pack() date_btn = Button(app, text="Go", width=8, command=lambda: get_json()) date_btn.pack() def get_json(): state = "VIC" date = cal.get() url = "" + str(date) + "/meetings?jurisdiction=" + state data = requests.get(url) data1 = json.loads(data.content) Venues = data1["meetings"] for Venue in Venues: Rtype = Venue["raceType"] track = Venue["meetingName"] Rstate = Venue["location"] Wcondition = Venue["weatherCondition"] Tcondition = Venue["trackCondition"] states = ("VIC","NSW","QLD","SA","WA","TAS","ACT") if Rtype == "R" and Rstate in states: text = track + " " + Rstate + " " + Tcondition + " " + Wcondition print(text) app.mainloop()
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